Lighting installation, repairs & servicing Port Macquarie

Whether you’re replacing tired old / non-operational lights or wanting to install the latest high tech lighting solutions, PMQ Electrical can help.

Our team of qualified electricians are specialists across all lighting and LED maintenance installations and servicing.

We can maintain your existing lighting infrastructure with our preventative maintenance programs, regularly replacing lights/globes based on operational lifecycles.

PMQ Electrical service and install a broad range of lighting solutions in both residential and commercial properties.

PMQ Electrical can supply the most appropriate lighting for your home or business needs or we can even install your lighting of choice.

PMQ Electrical are experts in the installation of LED Lights.

Did you know that LED downlights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional halogen downlights? This means significant savings on your home electricity bill. They also do not create heat and thus reduce the risk of fire in your home roof space.

LEDs are extremely energy efficient and require very little current to illuminate. Since they do not have a filament, LEDs do not heat up and thus reduce the risk of fire in your homes roof space.

As LEDs do not create heat, they are extremely energy efficient as opposed to traditional globes where sometimes more than 80% of the electricity used is wasted not light but in heat.

LEDs have a longer life and thus maintenance costs are lower. LEDs are solid state devices and thus have no moving parts, this makes them more durable and reliable.

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