Home, bathroom & kitchen renovations Port Macquarie

If you are renovating your home PMQ Electrical can help with all your electrical needs. Whether you are renovating a bathroom, kitchen or even a whole house contact PMQ Electrical.

Our electricians can help with all your home electrical renovation needs including these services:-

• Whole House Renovations
• Kitchen Renovations
• Bathroom Renovations
• House Rewiring & House Wiring
• Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
• Mains Power Upgrades
• Smoke Alarms
• Surge Protection
• Switchboard Upgrades
• Switches & Powerpoints
• Underground Cabling

At PMQ Electrical Port Macquarie we know that in older houses, ageing, worn, faulty, or overheating electrical wiring poses a very real fire and electrical accident threat to peoples homes. Unfortunately this can mean that you need to have the home completely rewired.

If needed we can provide a detailed rewiring quote and you can be secure in knowing that our house wiring quotes and work are following Australian standards.

Give PMQ Electrical a call today for a consultation or to make a booking. We look forward to your call on 0400 677 388.