Data, network & TV Cabling Port Macquarie

Most modern homes have a huge array of internet-connected devices from PCs to phones and tablets, gaming consoles to the smart fridge or smart TV. Every one of these appliances or gadgets relies on a strong internet connection to operate effectively.

We all know the pain of an unreliable wifi connection; constant dropouts, lagging, slow download speeds, and trouble connecting between devices are just the beginning. PMQ Electrical can provide solutions to these and many other home network issues you may be having around your house.

Depending on your building design, construction, and layout your home network can be either wired or wireless or a combination of both. Our team can offer professional advice on how to set the system up to best achieve your home network requirements.

Our home network services can include:

Data cabling
Phone lines and phone points
NBN connection points
Home theatre set up
Security system integration and cabling

Give PMQ Electrical a call today for a consultation or to make a booking. We look forward to your call on 0400 677 388.